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  • Nine cabinet large capacity storage, convenient classification of the bookcase can be placed horizontally, upright display is appropriate modern paragraph, color, simple.
  • In addition, DIY Furniture is your best partner, let you easily receive, ease of use, highest quality, the most valuable furniture.
  • Assembly part(Truss head phillips screw flat point*16,Screw sticker*4,disc*12,Parts package*12,stationary sheet iron*2,stationary sheet iron screw*4,Gecko*2,Gecko screw*2,dowel*12,White glue*1,Fixed plate*2,Neutral board*6,Side panel*2,Upper panel*1,Bottom plate*1….etc)


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DIY 9-grid Storage Bookcase Bookshelf

Product Dimensions: 35.5(L) x11.4(W) x35.4(H) inch
Item Weight: 46.2 lb
Color: White & Light Brown
MaterialParticle bord
Bearing weight: Within 22 lb
One fixed shelf


Package Included:

Installation Manual x 1 PIECE
Truss head phillips screw flat point x 16 PIECE
Screw sticker x 4 PIECE
disc x 12 PIECE
Parts package x 12 PIECE
stationary sheet iron x 2 PIECE
stationary sheet iron screw x 4 PIECE
Gecko x 2 PIECE
Gecko screw x 2 PIECE
dowel x 12 PIECE
White glue x 1 PIECE
Fixed plate x 2 PIECE
Neutral board x 6 PIECE
Side panel x 2 PIECE
Upper panel x 1 PIECE
Bottom plate x 1 PIECE

Weight 200 lbs

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